Digital Marketing



We provide you with the tools you will need to promote your web presence online. We will register your site with all the popular search engines and assist you with your web analytical data. We can also help you cross promote with your social media platforms and make sure you message is consistent on all of your media platforms. In addition, we can also custom design your social media pages for a small additional fee.  Best of all our website are built on a RESPONSIVE DESIGN so your website appears on mobile searches the largest and fastest growing sector of the internet!

Digital_Print_promos-ani-sm offers you 24 years experience in the commercial print industry, having worked in the selling as well as buying end of commercial print since 1992. Experienced with projects from local community guides, to international catalogs. So we are a good fit, no matter the scope and size of your project.


In the digital realm, we have been developing websites and email services since 1998.  Our goal is to not sell you a website but help you become web literate.  We speak the language of small business having a small business background ourselves.  We will find the best fit for your available time and resources and not charge you a fortune in the process.


We can help your business explore and adapt your business model to better  utilize technology to help grow your business . We know now that the Technology Revolution is as big a change as the Industrial Revolution. It is totally  transforming the way we all conduct our business, and that includes YOUR SMALL BUSINESS! We can help you adapt your business model to incorporate many of these new opportunities that these new NEW BUSINESS MODELS provide.


Ecommerce in 2014 accounted for nearly 30% of all retail sales. In 2105 it increased to 40% and only 50% of small business even have one! Of those that do only a small percentage  have an ecommerce capable website Dark_Side_Graphicsm If  local customers are not buying online from local businesses, than 40% on the local online sales are no longer local. Consumers want that convenience, and will opt for the ease of use and better price with  If the statistics are correct, most of us buy from Amazon not thinking that what we are doing is affecting our local economy.  Just like the big box stores affected local economies especially downtown businesses in the 1980’s. Today, e-commerce is doing the same thing now to our local economies, only this time it goes unnoticed by everyone but the small business owner.  It’s even affecting the big box stores making them more aggressive in our local economies. The internet has changed things so much that even the big box stores current business model is no longer relevant.

They have also shared in the loss of market share due to lost sales from the internet.

Many are now closing in our local communities and now we have no local businesses that can fill the gap!

So is it time for your Local Small Business to make a real investment in the future of your enterprise by investing in better technology. Contact us today we can help. 


In today’s marketing you need to understand how Crowdsourcing and Social Media has totally changed the landscape of small business promotion as a whole. Your customers are not just your customers they are also your fans on social media and you need the appropriate tools and insights to properly promote your small business in today’s landscape. We can help you do that.


Here are some of the areas we can your small business:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Organic search results along with Paid Inclusion

SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Mobile Friendly & Push Marketing

We can also show you how you can use the web to better service your customer base by delivering additional services via the web. If a customer needs an updated price list or directions on the use of a product you provide, you can give them 24-hour access to this type of information online. A simple step that will greatly improve your customer service as well as enhance your web traffic and increased sales.

2014-02-16 09.15.38 amWe can also help you to integrate a web blog into your site which can increase the customer information you provide, and also boost your web traffic and increase sales. A Web Blog can add value to your website especially if you provide useful information on your particular expertise. At the same time it will help your search engine ranking in local searches.


 We can enhance your email marketing by integrating your site with popular programs like Mail Chip or Constant Contact to make email marketing easy. Or we could include a free email marketing tool when you host with us.