Not mobile-friendly, what does it mean!?

If you are not familiar with the image above, it’s what you get when you check to see if your current website is not mobile friendly.


So If this happens what does this mean? Click Here to see the impact to your website. and see what Google Recommends. Then come back because we have the resolution and at an affordable price!



Mobile-FR-szweb-ani provides affordable local web design and development services. With over 18 years of experience, we know how to develop an effective website that will help your small business attract new customers and at the same time help you provide better customer service to your existing clients.

Having a RESPONSIVE DESIGN basically means your site will appear in all google searches and not get the dreaded not-mobile friendly warning. Don’t buy a website from anyone who’s websites are not mobile friendly! Mobile is the fastest growing segment of the internet and you need a site that looks good and is usable on a mobile device. The problem now, a poorly designed website will effect your ranking in the search engines!


If you don’t have a mobile version that passes the mobile-friendly test you website will not be listed in the mobile search engine and today that the largest segment of searches! (See Link Below).

With a responsive design your site looks good on all platforms and screens of all sizes. A separate mobile version will not rank as well as a Responsive design!

The benefit is you only have to design a website once since it works on all platforms. Some web developers charge for a version for each, a large and unnecessary expense.

Google Website Test Resources

Use these links to test your business website

Mobile Friendly Test

Google Website Speed Test

All in one Responsive Design

Responsive Website Design is by far your best option for your small business since you have don’t have to deal with multiple versions.  This is also the web design technique that Google recommends for the best results on search engines.




Most Desktop sites are useless on the mobile platform, they just weren’t intended to display all of the current display platforms.

We also provide mobile and multi-platform design services and can design all the functions you want for all platforms. Easy directions and interactive maps one touch phone numbers that appear when appropriate. Now that half the people visit your site on a mobile device can you afford to ignore it? A Responsive design solves all of the MOBILE FRIENDLY problems of your website. 

A flexible well thought out design can overcome the odds and look good on all platforms.  That does not happen on a cheap template driven system, a poorly designed website will chase away customers not attract them.MutiplantformDesignAdFinalBan If you want to skimp on the marketing budget, the website is not the place to start the process. Your website is by far your most visible marketing tool. It is the one form of Advertising that levels the playing field for Small Business because everyone can afford and use the web for promotion.